Hotel near Rimini Terme. All the benefits of thermal sea water

Riminiterme offers a single location in the possibility of inhalation treatments, spa treatments and sporting activities in water exploiting the beneficial effects of seawater.

Completely renovated in 2000, the center develops a few meters from the beach, the center of Rimini Miramare and our spa hotels.

Inside its rooms you can book all kinds of marine therapies, perform physical therapy in water, sludge and hydrothermal routes: and still packs a day or longer affiliated with our spa hotels Rimini to give you or your loved ones to an unforgettable day based treatments whirlpool, Kneipp vascular, lymphatic drainage massage and sauna.

And who can forget the Salt Room, a room from the floor covered with a soft sea salt where you can enjoy the silence of the effects of draining, purifying and antibacterial precious elements such as sulfur, magnesium, calcium and potassium lying comfortably on a couch in an area insulated and covered with a starry sky!

And during the summer the plant close to the beach makes it the perfect location for refreshing walks on the beach, swimming in the sea of tanning sessions or last minute ... do not just dream about your corner of paradise, catch a few steps from the Mini Hotel Rimini wellness